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Nygreen "Last" Home
23 Meeting House Road, Bedford NY

We decided this will be our "last" house;
a property we loved: 6.5 acres high off a dirt road.
The house needed some "updating,"
but the land itself was so attractive.
And the location... wow!

For the record, we admit that our ideal new home would have a one-level floor plan (no stairs), a main floor master bedroom suite, and be downsized from our former homes, so clearly we failed to achieve all those goals... this house has 4 levels and stairs everywhere, and it's 5500 square feet, but we did build a main floor master bedroom for when we need it.
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Random inside photos so we can remember some rooms, etc.

2017-02-21 17-02-11 Living Room Scene with Tess Visiting.jpg (2215087 bytes) 2017-02-21 17-03-29 Living Room Scene with Tess Visiting.jpg (1758716 bytes)
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