Nygreen Home 12/1998 - 6/2013

After 31 years in Princeton, we moved to White Plains for almost 15 years

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Home Sale Brochure 

On the right is the sales brochure put together by Nick Wolff in Fall, 2012. Very Nice. This is a 4-page PDF.

The photos were taken by the realtor. The floor plan on page 4 is pretty close, but not quite accurate. It is missing the powder room on the main floor and the large closet off the "sitting room."  Plus there are some doors missing or added, but overall it's pretty good. This house also had a full attic (great storage) plus a full basement with wine cellar, workshop, and a finished office (we used as a pool room).


20050521 31 Colonial(08).JPG (2612145 bytes)

Early 2000, with the patio and beginnings of landscaping, and you see a few of the tiny yew that will later become the hedge...

Here's the view in 1999, after we painted the house, refinished the main entry, replaced the shutters and rebuilt the chimney. At this time we had not yet planted the hedge.

It's a colonial built in 1938, but in great shape, and pretty much modernized.  This is a photo when we bought it in 1998 (so it was age 60 already!)

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