XMAS Tree Tailgate November 28, 1999
Master Organizer Tony Russo, Wine connoisseur
Actual Organizer Andrea Kish, Socialite and primo wine connoisseur
Photos (part 1)

OK folks, here's the scoop:

The following photos were taken with my old antique (1995) digital camera, which I still love because it is a point-and-shoot that works (!) without all the high-tech glitz that I usually love...

Anyway, my point is that we took other photos which can be added to this page in the future, when they are developed, but we never seem to do that... so here are the 9 pictures I managed to get before the battery died....

Not bad actually!

The group Photo is # 4 below...





This is the grand meeting at the RED BARN at Exit 41 Merritt Parkway.

Nancy and Ted Nygreen were the last to arrive at this waypoint, and this is the look of the group upon our arrival on a Sunday morning...



OK, upon arrival in the parking lot of Jones Tree Farm in Shelton, CT, here we are "greeting" in the crisp cold morning that became windy... later...




no comment





Our Group!

All smiles, except Nancy Nygreen who was taking the photo...




Actually, they are watching the tailgate, in which Larry Delgato has placed a sterno-heated stove to warm up the pasta...



Andrea is pleased with the scene, she doesn't even show the wind-chill factor because she's behind the van...


Barely visible is the heated sterno-sotve inside the van, where the pasta was being heated.


Beautiful hills of Shelton, CT, and a lovely sunny Sunday, although there was a bitterly chilling breeze whistling over the hilltops.

So we all huddled behind the van.



Discussing Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (really!)

It seems that the tropics and Pacific beaches always get the attention!



Still going stong.

The champagne is gone. Not sure about the Cab or the Beaujolais Nouveau, or the Argentine wine...

This is when I left with the digital camera.  Any additional photos that others send me will be posted below...

But the fun continued, apparently.



Andrea was the first to step off the path and head for a tree to cut.


Larry's hat says White Plains Rotary Club


Chilly, but we got into the food and drink.


Group minus Anita, Andrea and Doretta




No need for a caption





First 9 photos posted Sunday November 28, 1999

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