Millennium Party (folk millennium)

Donald A. Thompson Residence
448 Cherry Hill Road
Princeton, NJ 08540

31 December 1999 (the first of the 2 millennium New Years)

8:00pm --

This is Dr. Don before we started the wine tasting...

Keith and Renate Robins introduce the foie gras and
Christiane and Elliott

Contact is:

9:30 pm

The meal begins...

Now this was intended to be a photo of a "toast" but as you can see, Nancy stuck out her hand to toast Christiane at exactly the moment of photograph...

Therefore, it seems to have become a picture of Nancy's hand instead.

Oh well...


Ted tasting great champagne

10:00 pm

Nancy Nygreen and Don Thompson announcing the arrival of the beef wellington

(prepared by Nancy over the preceding 48 hours... hey, what happened to the leftovers?)


Drinking Chateau Lafite '82 in the traditional American style...


11:15 pm

Preparing for dessert.

By this time we had already finished the 1982 Lafite, and the 1982 Leoville Las Cases (which surprised me favorably by overwhelming the Lafite and establishing itself as a powerful Bordeaux)

Preparing for the dessert wine

(incidentally, for the record, it was Chateau d'Yquem 1970)

Group photo
The great 1982s...

(remember, we unanimously agreed the Las Cases was far superior to the Lafite, so we ultimately drank another bottle of the Leoville!)


Midnight approaching...

Watch the TV

12:00 midnight



Christiane entertained us with tremendous stories of her citizenship exams (we love the INS)

[Elliott has probably heard the stories before...]

Marian suggesting an after-dinner drink...

Rumor has it that Ted and Nancy left early, because Ted had a tennis match at 0830 Saturday morning (!) but that some people did indeed have after-dinner drinks.  Indeed, there are reported sightings of Don and Keith still up at 0600 and some rumors of Don then washing dishes and cleaning up after the dinner party!

Note how serious everyone is getting ...   (It's now quite late, apparently...)