Russo's Open House January 2, 2000

First party of the new year...
First party of the new millennium (the folk millennium)

a.k.a. Andrea's Wine Tasting Extravaganza

John and Mercy  
Kitchen action early in the evening, and Andrea is still smiling!

A shot across the living room... note the huge pink poinsettia, then clockwise: Mercedes, Nancy, Tony, Tom...
Tony showing something or another to Mary Kaye Koch (MK's email is
Tom and Doretta examine the vintage...

For the record, recall that Andrea opened a ton of great wines, including (very expensive) bottles from great French Bordeaux vintages. Naturally all of us guests were wine aficionados who appreciated the caliber of these bottles!

Translated: Wow! pours, Nancy tastes, ...


This is a demonstration of how Americans drink French Bordeaux wine.

In this case, the spectacular wine is (in case you can't recognize the label) Chateau Margaux.

As my friend in Princeton (Don Thompson) called all first growths:  "a oner cru" [from the French premier cru classe]

MaryAnn DeRosa and friend Bob share a moment...


Another portrait of John and Mercy, picture perfect (as usual!)


Richard Koch (
As if we hadn't had enough gorgeous Bordeaux, Andrea opened yet another: this time Pichon Lalande

(another wow!)

Boys night out?
End of the party, Tony's on the case!

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