Culinary Institute of America
Hyde Park, NY   
February 16, 2008
Barbara and Paul Schwarz
Helen and Stanley Pasternack



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There are 66 Certified Master Chefs in the world, and 13 of them are employed at CIA.  This is the one evening when the CMCs together produce a gala 5-course dinner -- memorable cuisine and the chance to meet the CIA Master Chefs personally.

CIA, founded in 1946, is a private, not-for-profit college dedicated to culinary education. CIA offers bachelor's and associate degrees.

Spectacular building
20080216 CIA 002 building.jpg (4249641 bytes)
Nancy in kitchen
20080216 CIA 003 Nancy in kitchen.jpg (3798347 bytes)
Barb with Ron DeSantis
20080216 CIA 004 Barb with CMC Ron DeSantis.jpg (3316587 bytes)
CMC DeSantis explains
20080216 CIA 005 Nancy with CMC Ron DeSantis.jpg (3339677 bytes)

Stanley and Helen in kitchen
20080216 CIA 006 Stanley and Helen in kitchen.jpg (3575623 bytes)

Nancy, Helen, Stanley
20080216 CIA 007 Nancy, Helen, Stanley.jpg (3102726 bytes)

Group (without Nancy)
20080216 CIA 009 Group without Nancy.jpg (3314120 bytes)

Group (without Helen)
20080216 CIA 010 Group without Helen.jpg (3497112 bytes)

Introducing all Master Chefs
20080216 CIA 011 Master Chefs Introduction.jpg (4331812 bytes)

Students were the wait staff
20080216 CIA 013 student wait staff.jpg (3515556 bytes)

Helen, Ted
20080216 CIA 017 Helen, Ted.jpg (3085780 bytes)

Stanley, Nancy
20080216 CIA 019 Stanley, Nancy.jpg (3155132 bytes)

Ted, Barbara
20080216 CIA 020 Ted, Barb.jpg (3409671 bytes)

Paul, Helen
20080216 CIA 021 Paul, Helen.jpg (3217734 bytes)

Schwartzes (the couple)
20080216 CIA 022 Schwarzes.jpg (3179781 bytes)

Good night
20080216 CIA 023 Good night.jpg (3482738 bytes)

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