Wendy Mager Honored
Citizen of the Year
March 5, 2011

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Wendy was the honoree at the annual awards banquet of the Mercer County chapter of the Society of Professional Engineers.

These amateur photos are the sole documentation for this evening, and for once the photographer didn't get a photo of himself! Ha!

Then there was the morning after. . .

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20110305_Wendy_04.JPG (1461251 bytes) 20110305_Wendy_05.JPG (1646829 bytes) 20110305_Wendy_11.JPG (1596418 bytes)

Wendy's Acceptance Speech (well, most of it...)


More Wendy's Speech (as my battery ran out...)

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20110305_Wendy_09.JPG (1753465 bytes) 20110305_Wendy_10.JPG (1786551 bytes) 20110305_Wendy_12.JPG (1930266 bytes)

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