Parker (the cat)

Parker came to White Plains on October 31, 2004.  He wasted little time taking over the house and learning every nook.

To see a photo full-size, click on the picture below. This will open up another window.  Remember: the photos are quite large...

One of his perches
20041114 Parker in Nancy's den.JPG (1565227 bytes)
At his favorite window
20041120 Parker at his window.JPG (1086121 bytes)
20041118 (10) Parker relaxing.JPG (1505688 bytes)

At work with Nancy
20041120 Parker at work.JPG (1701235 bytes)

In the kitchen when we cook
20041114 Parker in kitchen while we cook.JPG (1413673 bytes)

In the dining room
20041115 Parker in dining room.JPG (1609909 bytes)

Getting some attention
20041114 Parker perch.JPG (1509615 bytes)

At the other end of the kitchen
20041117 Parker in the kitchen.JPG (1485596 bytes)

In Ted's den
20041118 (07) Parker in the den.JPG (1388067 bytes)

Ted left his briefcase open
20041118 (08) Parker in a briefcase.JPG (1654068 bytes)

Yes, his favorite window so far...
20041120 Parker's favorite window.JPG (1575152 bytes)
Nancy says "Keep off the table!"
20041126 Parker (01) Keep off the table.JPG (1645377 bytes)

This cat is computer savvy
20041126 Parker (02) Computer savvy.JPG (1334077 bytes)

Investigating the drawer
20041126 Parker (08) in the drawer.JPG (1330658 bytes)
Really in the drawer now!
20041126 Parker (10) more in the drawer.JPG (1379793 bytes)

Going in the bookcase
20041203 Parker (1) going in the bookshelf.JPG (2008622 bytes)

Inside the bookcase
20041203 Parker (3) in bookshelf.JPG (2170933 bytes)

Getting attention...
20041126 Parker (04) attention.JPG (1128606 bytes)

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