Ted and Eric -- Utah 2004

Ted Nygreen went with Eric Monberg to a "long weekend" at Alta, March 25-27, 2004 (without Nancy and Wendy).

We joined Tim Harris, who does this trip every year with family (sister Wanda) and friends, this year Lance Long and Pam.

In this group photo, the waiter at the Peruvian Lodge placed himself in the back center of our photo.


20040327 Alta 019.jpg (1730665 bytes)

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Eric preparing for first run
Eric starts off Ted and Eric on top Tim, Wanda and Eric
20040325 Alta 005.jpg (1732972 bytes) 20040325 Alta 013.jpg (1775780 bytes) 20040326 Alta 007.jpg (1691797 bytes)

As you can see, the first day was warm and sunny. Then to our surprise, we had a white-out day with 14" of new snow, followed by overnight and more snow on day 3.

It was glorious powder, and Lance rented special powder skis for the occasion.

Eric on warm day 1
Ted at top on warm day Ted in snow on day 2  
20040325 Alta 026.jpg (1685132 bytes) 20040325 Alta 027.jpg (1750991 bytes) 20040325 Alta 029.jpg (1498864 bytes) 20040325 Alta 022.jpg (1626505 bytes)
Wanda Ted on the warm day Eric, Wanda and Tim Note that this is Tim in front, with Wanda and Eric skiing
20040325 Alta 031.jpg (1649424 bytes) 20040325 Alta 017.jpg (1854463 bytes) 20040325 Alta 011.jpg (1828030 bytes) 20040325 Alta 035.jpg (1703930 bytes)
Eric, Wanda and Ted
Eric takes in the view Eric ready to descend Wanda and Tim wave 
20040325 Alta 033.jpg (1760033 bytes) 20040326 Alta 003.jpg (2083100 bytes) 20040326 Alta 001.jpg (1773239 bytes) 20040326 Alta 002.jpg (1675439 bytes)
Eric in jacuzzi Great form!
Eric skiing in powder on day 2
Eric in the white-out Ted in snowstorm 
20040327 Alta 002.jpg (1718055 bytes) 20040327 Alta 003.jpg (1734747 bytes) 20040327 Alta 015.jpg (1656790 bytes) 20040327 Alta 018.jpg (1899131 bytes)
Eric and Lance on Day 3
Fancy lunch on the mountain - not your regular cafeteria Wanda skiing Tim decanting Ch. du Tertre
20040326 Alta 008.jpg (1776750 bytes) 20040326 Alta 009.jpg (1832769 bytes) 20040326 Alta 011.jpg (1811289 bytes) 20040325 Alta 037.jpg (1652933 bytes)
In lodge, Lance and Pam Wanda Wanda, Lance, Pam Ted at dinner with Dawn Chirwa and husband Andrew

So there you have spring skiing in Alta: ranging from warm sun to heavy powder.

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