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Articles of interest by Dr. Nancy Nygreen

References -- Suggested Readings

Customer Satisfaction

AMA Handbook on Customer Satisfaction: A Complete Guide to Research, Planning and Implementation by Alan Dutka. A primer that outlines some of the key questions that need to be addressed before a customer survey is conducted. Methodology for selecting customers. Telephone or mail. Questionnaire design. Analyzing results. Helpful to read before selecting a consultant to conduct any customer research; for those without a background in market research.

The Service Profit Chain by James L. Heskett, Earl Sasser, Jr. and Leonard A. Schlesinger. Authored by three members of the Harvard Business School faculty, this book describes the chain from employee satisfaction to customer satisfaction to loyalty to profitability. With case study examples, they outline a strategy to manage for the Three Rs of Retention, Related Sales and Referrals. The authors endorse the Balanced Scorecard measurement approach as consistent with the service profit chain concept. Excellent coverage of many key concepts in the customer satisfaction field.

Managing Customer Value by Bradley T. Gale. Brad Gale’s major contribution to the field of customer satisfaction is refocusing attention on customer perceived value, the relationship between Quality/satisfaction and price. Is your offering worth what you are charging? The book outlines the “Seven Tools of Customer Value Analysis” using extensive case studies, and also provides a good summary of stages in the customer satisfaction movement. Useful background and perspective regardless of whether you adopt the “Seven Tools.”

Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles By the author of the “One Minute” books, this short piece is written as an easy to read parable for managers just being introduced to customer satisfaction. Good for organizations (especially retail) trying to introduce large numbers of managers to core concepts without a great deal of training or additional background in satisfaction or Quality programs. The essence of the message is “Discover What the Customer Wants” and then “Deliver Plus One.” Also available on tape.


Bullseye! Hitting Your Strategic Targets Through High-Impact Measurement by William A. Schiemann and John H. Lingle. Written by two principals from The Metrus Group, this excellent work uses a detailed case study of a financial services company to explain the steps in implementing a Balanced Scorecard. Each step is fully explained, and potential mistakes and likely hurdles are pointed out. A very readable book, Bullseye! also covers the other impacts of strategic measurement systems, such as building a team at the top, becoming a learning organization and facilitating self-monitoring employees.

The Balanced Scorecard (1996) and The Strategy Focused Organization: How Balanced Scorecard Companies Thrive in the New Business Environment (2001), by Robert S. Norton and David P. Kaplan. Harvard Business School professors Norton and Kaplan unveiled the Balanced Scorecard approach in the Jan-Feb 1992 issue of the Harvard Business Review. These two books by the fathers of the Balanced Scorecard demonstrate the growth and change in our perspective of the approach, from primarily a measurement system to a management system that helps companies implement strategy. The first book provides a helpful history of the thinking that led to this revolutionary tool, and the second book includes helpful in-depth case studies from several industries and sectors, including not-for-profits and government.

Keeping Score by Mark Graham Brown. Keeping Score is a short, easy to read book that provides an excellent primer in how to develop measures. Brown discusses the ways in which measures should be balanced, gives examples of different types of measures.

Brand Equity

Strategic Brand Management: Building, Measuring and Managing Brand Equity, by Kevin Lane Keller.

Managing Brand Equity: Capitalizing on the Value of a Brand Name by David. A. Aaker.


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