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This is a collection of information saved over the years that is not considered family-private.

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2018 - Kathryn's Kidney Donation

  • Kathryn's Amazing Kidney Donation
    Here is a story published in the East Greenwich News (R.I.) about the donor and the recipient... and the 2 families. What an amazing story!

Interesting Ancestry

  • George de Benneville and Keim descendants -- A fascinating history of George De Benneville (1703-1793) written in 2005 by Nancy's sister Leslie (nee Leslie de Benneville Miller), followed by 14 photographs of the Philadelphia mansion of descendant George de Benneville Keim

Homes of Nancy and Ted (Kristin, Kysa, Kathryn)

  • NOW - Bedford, New York
    Nancy calls this our "last" home, starting 2014. So we've spent our retirement working on the house and garden doing renovations and additions for us, recognizing that most won't increase the resale value, but they are investments for our lifestyle!
  • 2013 while househunting
    We rented a house in Bedford, NY, while looking. That turned out to be smart, because we learned about all the hamlets in the Town of Bedford, and we slowly came to understand the traffic patterns and neighborhoods -- pros and cons.
  • White Plains, NY, Dec 1998 - June 2013
    Moving to Westchester from Princeton was timely; Ted was working for RCS in Westchester and Nancy was consulting in Westchester, and we were "empty-nesters." The only downside to White Plains was that Nancy's horse lived in Bedford, so she had to commute there to ride!
  • Growing up 1979-1998
    In some ways the "best" house for raising children: big yard, big house, big basement (even a stage for performing plays), 1 mile up the hill from schools, only 2 miles from Nassau Hall.

Glen T. Nygreen "autobiographhy"

  • "A Memoir Of a Journey Not Yet Completed"
    Glen T. Nygreen (1918-2010) wrote this life history in December, 1999, documenting a considerable history of the NYGREEN family beginning with his great-grandfather Olof Jonsson in Sweden. We know that Olof changed the name to Nygren (one 'e') when arriving in Minnesota in the mid 1860s, and that Glen's father (Theodore W.) added an extra 'e' in the early 1900s when he lived in Bellingham, WA. This "autobiography" is 52 pages of really fascinating history!

1994 - Swimmer of the Year - Kathryn Nygreen

  • Kathryn Nygreen Swimmer of the Year 1994. Remember that when Kat was a freshman, the PHS team was state champions! The following year, having lost the seniors, the swim team counted mostly on Kathryn.

2009 - First all-electric car

  • Ted's All-Electric MINI-E, June 2009 - June 2010
    Ted became one of only 450 test drivers for the BMW "Mini-e," the company's first all-electric car (not a hybrid). Although I had to pay $12,000 for the one-year test drive, it was a wonderful experience. As a Dean at the College that year, I was sought out by students very interested in the vehicle.

2005 - EHS Class of 1965 Reunion

1969 - Nancy's first published article

  • Abingdon Square Park in New York City
    Nancy's 1969 research about this Greenwich Village park was recognized in a book published in October 1969 by New York University: Greenwich Viallage: Statistical Trends and Observations, edited by R. David Corwin, Jerome Krase, and Paula Hudis (all Department of Sociology)

Andrew Austin's Christmas Gifts

2005 - Chateau Mouton 1982

  • Opening a magnum of '82 Mouton in December 2005
    This bottle had been resting peacefully in Ted's cellar. Keeping with our belief that great Bordeaux wines are best in about 20 years, and that most collectors keep them far too long, it seemed appropriate to celebrate Ted's birthday in 2005 with this classic bottle.

2011 - Honoring Wendy Mager

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