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Customer Satisfaction Research

Nygreen Management is a consulting practice of Dr. Nancy Nygreen, a market researcher well known for her customer satisfaction research.  As a sole practitioner since 1994, Nancy maintains a core set of clients and, in addition, she is often hired by other consulting organizations to provide focus groups and quantitative work for their clients.

What's Happening Now

A few years ago, Nancy was thinking about retiring, but... she's good at what she does so others from California to New York keep calling her. Hence Nancy's practice continues to be customer-focused research, predominantly qualitative studies, so her total retirement is still in the future.

Priorities: she continues to be an avid equestrian; her horse is named Halle; she's at the barn every day she's in town!

Measurement programs should drive change.

The premise is simple. Successful companies understand their customers intimately and then build a strategy based on that understanding. Next, they align the entire organization around the strategy while remaining flexible and able to react quickly to market changes. Throughout, they maintain the integrity of their brand and reputation.

We judge success by our ability to provide information that makes a difference in helping clients achieve their strategic objectives. By placing measurement in a broader strategic perspective, we help companies become learning organizations better prepared to maintain a competitive strategic advantage.

Comments. . .

"Nancy has conducted Wharton's stakeholder surveys since 1993. She goes out of her way to understand our needs, and is always available and responsive to our requests; but most importantly her analysis provides real value to the School. She is able to take a lot of data and provide clear, insightful recommendations. Overall, Nygreen Measurement is easy to work with and provides a great deal of value."

Scott Douglass, former Dean of Administration, The Wharton School

"Nancy Nygreen served as a Reviewer for this program for four years. She worked with organizations in the private sector to assess and evaluate their leadership and management systems as well as recommend management strategies and processes for their improvement. Her work is characterized by professionalism, sound knowledge of management systems and an exceptional ability to work well with clients to enable them to achieve their goals for success."

Barbara Ann Harms, Executive Director, New York State ESA Quality Award

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