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Ted Nygreen, Ph.D.
Bedford, NY 10549-4238

Mobile: 914-420-8802
Photo at Commencement 2010
Early Years
Ted Nygreen was born in Seattle, in the days before telephones had push buttons (they had "dials" and were called "rotary" phones).
College He went to high school in Ohio, but didn't finish. Although he was then a high school dropout, Ted was still accepted to MIT where he just barely got passing grades.
Marriage and
Graduate School
Upon graduation, Ted and Nancy were married in Scarsdale and moved to Princeton. They both earned their Ph.D.s.
Family They have three children who now have families of their own, living in Boston, New York City, and Northampton. There are 7 grandchildren and all three families have successful careers (hallelujah!)
Career Tedís corporate career began at RCA. He became Vice President of Information Systems as the youngest VP at NBC.
He then joined an international management consulting firm for 14 years, where he was Managing Director (until the firm was acquired and he was fired).
Nancy and Ted moved to Westchester, where Ted was General Manager and Chief Technology Officer for 12 years (until the firm was acquired and he was fired again).
At retirement age but not ready to be fully retired, Ted served 7 years as Dean of the STEM School at Westchester Community College. (Finally retired for real in 2015.)


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